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Teamup offers powerful features to help millions of people get things done easier: Stay organized, schedule tasks and activities, track and share information with customizable access permissions. It is simple, flexible and scalable, allowing individuals and teams to create unique solutions for their specific needs.  Download a key features checklist to stay focused. Get inspired by what our users have to say or share your story and inspire others!


Unique Features and Strengths

To learn more the details of how to use a specific feature, check out our Knowledge Base and more. You can also download a checklist of key features.

User Stories

User story motorsport australia

How this 3000-member organization share events

UN Web TV Shared Live Schedule with Teamup

Teamup helps this non-profit afloat during pandemic

Scheduling of 100 pharmacists simplified

6000+ online meditators and their time zone challenge 

Teamup as a productivity tool in building a new TV station

A collection of live Embedded Calendars

Web and mobile looks of a concert calendar

Ways to filter events with a conference agenda

A collection of visualized feature tips

Versatile looks of the Timeline view 

A collection of creative uses of Teamup

Solution Examples

Depending on our customers’ specific jobs to be done, the right solution needs to be created by the users who know best the progress to be made and barriers to be eliminated.  In this section we are sharing sample solutions to help our users understand the kind of jobs Teamup does well, get inspired and create new solutions.  

Teamup replaces spreadsheets

No more typing dates into a spreadsheet. Try Teamup Table view and more.

Riding Stable managing stable visits with Teamup

Simplify communication for construction and field services business

Manage the availability of coaching team and enable client self-booking

Riding Stable managing stable visits with Teamup

Visualize availability and enable self-booking without conflicts

Managing availability of resources such as rooms, equipment, boats, and even airplanes!

Intra-company team availability & self-booking with pre-defined open slots

Customer support teams in multiple regions coordinate shifts and staff availability

Teamup’s COVID-19 response: Help scientists and research labs around the world stay safe

Try for Yourself

Stay informed of team whereabouts

Show calendars side by side with scheduler view

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